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Thanky You and Onwards (and don’t forget Reginald)!

Well another day breaks here over the North Staffordshire Moorlands, the sun is just peeking over the tops of the lovely luscious tress, thin clouds are stretched across that faint blue that promises so much and… I have to go to work!

But I just had to say thank you to those who have visited me so far and remind those that get to this point, please read my other pages, especially the short Story – ‘REGINALD’, please click the link at the top of the page.

The story is now on Part II but I will not remove any of the earlier parts, just add the new ones so that any newcomers can catch up with the story.

Now time to go… but please… watch this space… more REGINALD very soon!The poor car now needs a service which in a way will help me with mine, my holidays are due very soon!


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Part II of ‘Reginald’ – A Short Story Is Available Now!

I was going to wait a touch longer but seeing as I’m dying to get to the end myself and see what happens, here’s part II of Reginald!

As usual please click on the link at the very top of the page.  Part III will be delivered next week. 

Thanks for visiting and thanks for reading. 🙂

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Intro to ‘Reginald’ – A Short Story

I thought I’d proffer this piece which is a short story entitled Reginald, or at least the first part, in the old tradition of a serialisation (if it’s good enough for Charlie Dickens then why not moi?). 

You will find it on my ‘Current Short Story – Reginald’ page (click on the link at the top of this page) which is where I intend to drop various similar projects for your enjoyment. 

Reginald has a problem and a new friend.  How can a nice gentle stroll in the countryside go wrong when the birds are singing and the bees a humming?  Just what is his big secret and why should you always make sure you know where you’re treading? Please feel free to pop along and find out more…


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Ruminations on a Bush

Once upon a time is a good way to start be it a bit of contemplative observational tosh or piece of pure fiction (and thinking about that can fiction of any kind really be described as ‘pure’?). 

Anyway once upon a time I decided that it would be an excellent idea to climb a ladder.  It wasn’t a particularly tall ladder, in fact it was more your average run of the mill step ladder, venerable but, so I thought, quite sturdy.  It had seen better days when it lived in the comfort of my parents house way over the hills in dear old Yorkshire but still, I trusted its base blue hue and mad modern art Jackson Pollock splatterings.

I’d done a fair job of the bush full of its tiny but lethal spikes, I’d done enough for the time being knowing I had time later, when I was less absorbed with other more pressing thoughts.  So why did I have to reach for that nearly out of reach branch that curved temptingly, waving to me, beckoning with its array of sharp talons?

Stupidity.  Pure and simple.  Pass me that nice dunce’s cap with the extra-large ‘D’.  And please explain to my poor violated foot, chipped bone and bruised flesh.  Anyway I must dash, there is a lawn mower desperate for action, a nice sharp spade to sink into the warm yielding earth, pass me the shears…

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And a brand new day dawns, full of blue sky, pure green lawns and a nice shiny new blog!  Mine!  Not sure how all this will develop but, as somebody must have said once, watch this space!



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