Intro to ‘Reginald’ – A Short Story

I thought I’d proffer this piece which is a short story entitled Reginald, or at least the first part, in the old tradition of a serialisation (if it’s good enough for Charlie Dickens then why not moi?). 

You will find it on my ‘Current Short Story – Reginald’ page (click on the link at the top of this page) which is where I intend to drop various similar projects for your enjoyment. 

Reginald has a problem and a new friend.  How can a nice gentle stroll in the countryside go wrong when the birds are singing and the bees a humming?  Just what is his big secret and why should you always make sure you know where you’re treading? Please feel free to pop along and find out more…



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2 responses to “Intro to ‘Reginald’ – A Short Story

  1. Glad to have you as a friend John. Liked your story very much. Gonna keep up with you.

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