Ambition and Moles

Now here is a contentious issue, or maybe I’m making mountains out of mole hills (of which I have had quite a few in my garden, though I have not as yet seen one of the short sighted cute little fellows – but maybe that’s because I’m usually tucked up in bed by 9.00… honest I am…). 

Where was I… yes, Ambition, it’s a word loaded with meaning, possibly negative, potentially creating in your head (well it does in my head) an image of a be-suited twenty something with a glint in his/her eyes and a ruthless streak as wide as the Thames, as deep as the Atlantic and as well hidden as a maggot in a pile of…

Fresh and clean, motivated and clear minded, is that not a better definition of ambition?  From my rather short time in cyberspace ‘book fan land’, I can see literally thousands of people with ambition but very few are stereotypical.  In fact on the whole they seem like very nice people, the majority who would like nothing better than to profit (look another badly maligned word, poor little thing, a bit like moles really) at least a little from something they love to do! 

I’m with them and not with those people who tell me sadly, with doom laden heart (often with a small tear forming at the corner of one misty eye) they wouldn’t know what to do if/when they retired. 

You know I’d love to make a living from this writing thing, I am ambitious and I don’t care who knows but I’m not expecting to be a millionaire (though it would be quite nice, perhaps I could invest in a special mole garden), but I could happily get up each day and think about writing (and composing, I love creating be it music or stories).  I do enjoy my job, sometimes, but I enjoy this far better (and I don’t even mind those moles partying through the night in my lawn). 

(Reginald Pt III due this week – please keep those eyes peeled!)


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  1. Heh heh … Well, we have raccoons living in the tree out front – I hear them chattering at each other frequently, and even saw on the other day. Cute little buggers …

    Anyway … ambition is one thing I do NOT have – I’m lazy as the day is long. If I don’t enjoy doing it, nothing much is going to encourage me to do it – if I like doing it, I’m glued to it for hours … 🙂

    I finally have a free moment to read the 2nd part of Reginald – apparently just in time for you to post the 3rd installment … X-D

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