I Can’t Believe it’s Friday!

A quick update and thank you! 

There has now been over 1000 visits to this site!  Hurrah!  This is brilliant in just over 2 months and hopefully I’ll keep getting more!  Please, if you like what you read here, come back, tell a friend, inlcude my site on yours (if you have one)!

I have a few stories building up and I will post one next week.  This is the list so far:


Magic Percival

A Fish Out of Water

Perfect Small Thing

Meteor Shower

Radio Radio

On Finding His Feet


So… without knowing the content or style (and these do range from humorous to a touch of darkness) if you have a preference then please tell me.

John 🙂



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4 responses to “I Can’t Believe it’s Friday!

  1. Darkness … that would be awesome …

  2. My preference, John: “On Finding His Feet”


  3. Whenever you can … Off to read your new story!

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