A Little Piece of My Past

Hi all

Many many years ago when I was but a young pup I had dreams…   sorry drifted off then back to the days of dark clubs throbbing with music, the smell of something sweet and funny (not me I always washed) and music music music!  Anyway I have some of that past on MySpace (remember that, it used to be the old Facebook) – please if you are on it (or want to sign up) or just want to visit please have a listen. 








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3 responses to “A Little Piece of My Past

  1. I got an editing project going, so not a lot of time; but did listen to “Rock one” and LIKED IT A LOT … Thanks for sharing!!

    • Thanks Katy, most of the songs on there are home demos, but there are three studio recordings with a full band and backing singer (wow lol) – I also ended up sounding too 80’s… which funny enough it was! Your a very busy lady, I’m impressed with your work ethic!

  2. Well, if it were WORK that would be a whole ‘nother ball of fish wax … but since it’s EDITING it’s just FUN! 🙂

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