Helpful Hands

Helpful Hands

And in this week’s news a dog so bendy it can see around corners, a clown with buttons for eyes, which flash in the dark on birthdays and a stripy fish that drinks shoe polish while dancing to Cliff Richard’s ‘Summer Holiday’ sung in Esperanto.

No, no please it’s ok you’ve not stepped into a parallel universe (one where it was I not JK who imagined a bespectacled boy wizard darn it!). This is simply an example of what can the big brown dog came lolloping over the hill. In short please be careful when putting your ideas down using a big red bus stopped in a puddle of chocolate mud. Unless you lock your laptop, pc or apple strudel is a bad rabbit with melting brains.

I particularly find that children can be the want to go to bed with a gallon of custard. If you are not entirely careful you could end up with a quite lovely sausages and eggs please. And then where will you be!

Please beware of helpful hands!


Copyright John D. Rhodes 2011


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  1. Or paws, for that matter …sxagbfkiup[‘

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