Life, Don’t Talk to me about Life!

It had to happen.  There I was motoring away, getting deep down into the joy of blogging when the real world, the one with work, family, bills, problems and so much other stuff, snuck up behind me and zapped me!  I’m not going to sit here and fill your life with my wows (though I will just say if you are ever tempted, do not, I repeat do not buy a Rover 75 – reasons by return of post). 

Needless to say I have found getting my Mojo working a tricky trick!  I was really pleased to be building up a nice following (thank you those who joined me here, it is so good to have some fellow travellers on the same wavelength you mad mad people), and I saw the visits diminish and a little cloud of regret settled over John land. 

But I looked today and suddenly I have a surge!  I’m not entirely sure why but it gave me a little nugget of warmth and no it wasn’t heartburn or a rash.  And so if you were one of those visitors, thank you.

I was begining to sound (and look) like the immortal Marvin of the paranoid android persuasion, but I will now take this small reward and once more venture forward.  The journey continues (once I find a nice reliable car…)



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6 responses to “Life, Don’t Talk to me about Life!

  1. Please, feel free to tell us about your wows! Your woes, on the other hand … well, I have enough of my own. You can write them down on a piece of paper and burn it- I’ve found that to be quite helpful.

  2. You are SO not alone. I agree with Katy, and, still you are not alone! I too, love to see my following appreciate what I write. Keep it up!

  3. Hi, John D Rhodes! Welcome Back! I thought you were just taking a break, sorry to hear your wows are really woes.
    Rest assured: I can identify with two serious issues in this post of yours.
    First, life called me away from reading, reviewing and blogging, for about six weeks, between the end of August and the beginning of October. The result is I am very backlogged on my reviews – and I am not happy about it. I posted apology notes, and am working my way through my books, and my messy house. It is not easy, but please know, John, you are not alone, and this book community we belong to, is great for support. Even if you don’t ask.
    Second, about seven years ago, I spent alot of saved money on a brand new Nissan Sentra. Sounds like your Rover 75, and my Nissan Sentra come from the same family, or at least, they are 14th cousin, 12 times removed. I do not usually speak of the Sentra, without getting very hot under the collar. Maybe I will do a blog post one day, write about that little car, and get it totally out of my system – or maybe I just won’t bother….
    I do not know who “the immortal Marvin of the paranoid android persuasion” is, so I won’t make any comment. But, whatever state you are in now, please know there are people – like me – supporting you from afar.
    If you would like to send me a direct email, if you need a chat buddy, my email address is: madley (AT) cogeco (DOT) ca
    Take care of YOU, John.


  4. We all have moments of wows and woes, and sometimes it helps to get the woes “off your chest”, whether in a blog post, to a friend, or, as Katy said, on a piece of paper that you burn afterwards. Last night at prayer meeting the pastor handed out a piece of paper and pencil to everyone and told us to write down what in our lives we wanted to give over to the Lord and be rid of. Then he had us tear up that paper and put it in a little basket he placed at the front for that purpose. Whatever the method, it is not good to bottle it up. Here’s hoping you get your Rover to ‘obey’ and that you have a joyful and productive day.

  5. Computers and cars….all possessed of demons, aren’t they?
    I love the idea of writing the woes down on a slip of paper and burning it. An exorcism or two can’t hurt either….

  6. I find that ‘life’ often pulls me way from the page, more so as I’ve gotten older and the joys of ‘responsibilities’ have set in. Welcome back and I hope you find a reliable vehicle soon!

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