Animal Lover

Hello people.  I’m sat here with the shrill singing of the family budgies tweaking that part of the inner ear that doesn’t like to be tweaked.  It’s making my nerves jangle and my patience edge ever closer to the edge!  But thank goodness I’m a kind person, an animal lover, a man who can’t blame the poor creatures even though they are driving me stark raving mad! 


And while we are on the subject I do wish that very daring fly wouldn’t keep dive bombing me and bouncing off my forehead, trying as it will to hit my mouth (please I am a vegetarian and I do not want to feast on your ample current like body!).

At least the cat only pesters me when he’s hungry, which does happen to be all the time, but he does his pestering in a quiet but persistant manor (he has a hard little head underneath that lovely white fur).  The dog just stands there slobbering, which is unassuming if a bit messy.

Now the children, well that is quite a different matter, especially my youngest little love but they don’t win either, well, not much…

Now where are my ear plugs, where did I put them… ah, now you know labradors…  Well I suppose I could buy some new ones!



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7 responses to “Animal Lover

  1. You think budgies are bad – you should be around an annoyed cockatoo … there was an optical shop I worked for back in 1996 that had one living in the shop. What a ruckus!!

    I wish my cats would bug me more – but only one of them regularly comes in the bedroom and he’s currently punishing me because I had the audacity to be admitted to the hospital for a couple days and he is mad I was gone, so he’s ignoring me as much as possible. *sigh*

  2. Love your post, John. Though I’m an animal lover, I don’t have any pets of my own – just enjoy those of my friends (don’t have to walk them, feed them, pay the vet’s bills, clean up after them, wear their fur). But I can sympathize with you about the fly. They do become almost aggressive at times and very determined to drive you to distraction. I had a plague of fruit flies for a few weeks. That was not fun, either.

    Years ago I had friends who were given a pair of love birds by friends (or were they secretly enemies!) and those birds nearly drove them crazy. I prefer pets that cuddle and purr – much more relaxing unless they are 2 months old and want to run all night long, scratch the furniture (or your clothes – or worse, your legs) to shreds or take to biting your toes. 🙂

  3. Krishna panikker

    My name is krishna and I live with my mother in a village . Its called ‘kampung” in my country Malaysia. Believe it or not there are more strays then pets around my mother’s place.The reason is developement has taken over and high rise condominiums are coming fast . The villagers have moved off and left their “pets’ behind. There are cats as big as baby tigers and mind you they dont mew but roar!They are very frustrated and very bad tempered, Iam being forced by my mother to feed these “wild animals”My mother says its good for my karma!God!Will I live long enough to enjoy my good life1 Anyway i have my pet dog (FEMALE).She is five years old and my daughter found her in a food outlet.She has a retarded back leg otherwise very healthy.Now she gets very annoyed with me feeding the stray cats.So I am in the middle of a karma seeking mother and a very annoyed pet.!

    • Awwwww – Krishna, I want some of those big, bad-tempered cats!! Think you could ship some to the USA for me?? 🙂 I love bad-tempered cats – they make life interesting! Caring for the critters is very good for the soul – you just wait and see!

  4. I think I prefer the placid ones, my cat thinks he’s a tiger but he gets bullid by the local birds and wouldn’t last 2 mins in your part of the world Krishna!

    • Krishna panikker

      Hi John,There are many many birds around my mothers place but the funny thing is they always outwit these cats!Every morning Isit outside in my mothers small garden and watch these small creatures of God.They will come in a flock and chatter away as they pick on the grains my mother leaves for them. But as you say the cats are always waiting for them. It is one hell of a survival John.

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