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My Wonderful Sales Prose

I am now engrossed in trying to sell my car and I have spent ages thinking hard (you can actually hear the cogs turning and see the steam escaping via my ears in plumes of whispish gaseous water!) and trying to come up with something not too cheesy and second hand car sales person for the advert spiel. 

I don’t think I’ve succeeded and I haven’t sold it yet.  Who could resist my Rover, a luxury British institute (now owned as will soon be the rest of the world, by China – this car or a version of it is still made in that massive country as  the Roewe… that’s the company, not the car currently sat on my driveway, looking forlornly at me as I bypass it every day for the nnice warm confines of the French model I now call my home on the road).

I really did like the  Rover but practical matters now mean I have an automatic Renault which is ok though I do love to change gears and I’m finding it tricky not being able to change gear.  Several times I my hand has gone for the gear stick…

Ah well now where did I put those ribbons and the baloons….


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