Between a Rock

Ah the human spirit, who knows which of us have it or not, who know what each of us can or could do in a given situation, especially one filled with danger to individual or other. 

I was watching 127 Hours the other day, quite a good film given the fairly simple but gruesome subject matter.  It wasn’t as bloody as I thought it would be but like a lot of people I was intrigued, just how do you come to the decision to cut off your own arm, especially when your mind is suffering through lack of food and liquid and you’re seeing big plastic Scoobies?

I’m relatively squeamish and there are some things that make me think ‘yuk’!  I don’t like the sound of cardboard being scrapped which gets my goose bumps erupting like mini mountains all over my pale skin.  I hate to see people spitting in public, sometimes with such gusto I can’t imagine how they manage at home when sat watching TV; do they still manage to spoil their own floors in same way they blight the paths? 

Back to the main question:  would I have cut off my own arm?  Maybe but the only way I’d know for sure is if I was actually put into that situation.  And I don’t intend to go walking in a desert and fall down a hole (but I guess Aron Ralston didn’t intent to fall down a hole either).  He seems to have been a pretty self-reliant guy in the first place if a little too confident; he’s also managed to continue in a similar lifestyle but with more caution and minus one arm, a true inspirational figure.

There are of course many more subtle cases and many who suffer but carry on and their modesty and selflessness means we don’t know but I know there out there and they are equally inspirational.  Me, I’m a coward but I’d hope to I’d find something somewhere to get through.



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2 responses to “Between a Rock

  1. I tell ya, I have a crazy mind. I can watch all sorts of violence, gore and bloodshed, as long as a person is not doing it to THEMSELVES – therefore, the scene in the first Terminator where he sliced back his skin to work on the circuitry in his arm? About made me pass out. The parts in The Exorcist where she is abusing herself so terribly? Gag-inducing. But I watch Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street and laugh! Weird, that’s me – something wrong with my braaaaaains …

  2. Who knows what we would do to survive? I’m glad I haven’t had to make this choice, not sure it would have a similar outcome.

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