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Writers Block

It is now nearing the end of February.  I have just had my 47th birthday and I’m now counting down the years until I reach my 50th!  Where did all the time go, I’m sure it was only yesterday I was 40, and my 30th was the day before and I well remember that 18th birthday as though it was only last week (I did get rather drunk and my ‘friends’ very kindly helped in my inebriation by spiking my drinks – at one point I was so pickled I lay down on the bench seat in the pub and was covered with coats; it’s the only time I’ve ever had to be told what happened when I’d been drinking – I’m usually a half a lager type of person with the odd nip of rum at Christmas!)

Anyway I am trying to get back to writing, or to be more precise reviewing and editing my current novel.  I try and get all my other chores out of the way (work, cooking, cleaning, sleeping, tv etc) and each week I promise myself, under pain of more cleaning, that I’ll set aside a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  And if the truth be told, which it sometimes is, I have managed a couple of hours.  But I don’t feel it’s good enough, I feel like there’s a block, something stopping me emersing myself in my own little world.  Of course it doesn’t help when war breaks out on the living room floor as my three sons squabble and bicker, or that the phone always seems to ring just at the moment I’ve rested my fingers on the laptop keys.

I’ll get there I always do eventually and I know I can be prolific but it’s hard when the regular side of life is there!  I wouldn’t want to be alone, I love my family so I’ll just have to fit things in when I can and hope I’m not bemoaning the same problems next week when I reach 100!



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Let it Snow!

As with most years, I hope with all my heart from late October to late March that we endure a winter with little snow and just a frosting of glittering ice. 

It’s not that I don’t like snow, I enjoy the soft crunch as my feet sink down into the white fluffy stuff, I love the look of the countryside smothered in white, trees bare but weighed down with snow!  What I don’t like is getting up on a working morning to the prospect of de-icing the car, which won’t warm up until I’m just pulling into my space at work.  I detest the media coverage that tries it’s best to make you think the new ice age is upon us!  I don’t like driving in the conditions but I think that some people should have just a little more confidence and some people a little less!

It has to be said that I may sound here like a grumpy old man!  Bah!  I’ve been out digging the stuff today and I like that, that satisfaction of clearing the driveway, sweat dripping from my brow, my back aching from the effort.  My little boy helped me which was good, a little bit of son and Dad bonding (though he’s only 10 and I’m sure he’ll conveniently disappear, just like his two older brothers did today, once he hits 13).

It’s actually not too bad having the snow on a weekend when I have no travel planned and as long as it doesn’t dump a load tonight I’ll be happy, or happier!  Tell me about your weather, do you like snow?



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