Work in Progress

Hi All

Just thought I’d pop in and let you know a little more about my current project.  I’m writing/editing a story about a young chap named Humphrey Pickleton, this is just a snippet:

Ravenbeast he knew had powerful magic, spells and incantations that kept his true origins from him; the fog was the manifestation of that and other than a powerful sense of loss he felt an almost inbuilt need, a kernel of something important he had to do, a question that hung somewhere in the recesses of his brain, like a prisoner locked behind a glass door, shouting and screaming but to all intents mute.

The house had been in near darkness that late Autumn night while outside a hurricane had thrashed the night sky with rain stinging the skin and the creeping chill freezing his bones. Shadows danced in half open doorways as he was led with a tightly griped hand up through the labyrinth of stairs and passageways…

Yes there is magic and mystery and some mystical creatures but I’m honing it bit by bit.  I’ll post some more snippets soon.



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4 responses to “Work in Progress

  1. Sweet! It sounds fun!

    BTW, I have a shiny new blog – you can click my name to get there. New followers wonderfully appreciated!

  2. I’m there now, looks good!

  3. habisha

    Sounds quite wonderful. Go, Johnny, go!

  4. Krishna panikker

    Hi!John, magic,mystery and mystical creatures.Wow! sounds interesting.Carry on with your good work.

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