I Just Can’t Believe It!

Hi All.  I can’t believe that the winter is nearing it’s end and the temperatures are gradually, painfully rising!  I did have to scrape some ice off my car the other morning and bring my gloves out of hiberntation but I’m sure there won’t be many mornings like that, not at least until next October!


Can you believe, I can’t, that they (the media) already talking about hose pipe bans and droughts because there just hasn’t been enough rain!

I just can’t believe it!  I wrote to the tax office and they won’t make me do a self assessment until I start to get over £100 in royalties – so far I have about £2.00 so I guess it could be a while until I reach that dizzying figure!

I just can’t believe it!  I have less than a week until the Grand Prix season when my favourite F1 cars get to race and I’ll be watching on the good old BBC – I can’t afford to pay extra for my TV pleasures, so no Sky F1 channel, not until I start to get more royalties or I start to get a pay rise (I work for the NHS so my cost of living is frozen).

I can’t believe it!  Have a good week!



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2 responses to “I Just Can’t Believe It!

  1. I can’t believe that it’s already hitting in the 70s here; I can’t believe I keep sleeping all the time, which is annoying as heck; I can’t believe that LibraryThing Early Reviewers’ giveaways never manage to get p-books out to the winners (at least, not to me). And I really can’t believe they still muck about with Daylight Saving’s Time here, but tomorrow we “spring ahead” once again …

  2. Krishna panikker

    Hi! John,there are many “really can’t believe” in Malaysia too.Groceries have gone up like mad. My favourite Thai food restaraunt has increased all my tomyam dishes.My tailor is charging me more(Iknow I have put on weight but that does’nt mean she has to charge me extra!)So dont despair we are all in the same boat.Take care.

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