Human Nature

And today’s lesson is the psychology of human personalities and their interactions with others.  I will try my best to make the lesson as easy to understand as possible with as little conjecture as possible but a whole bucket load of observational twaddle!

I think I’m far too sensitive.  I weep when I look at old photos (usually of my children when they were younger) thinking how I can never go back to those times (alas I don’t own a time machine and though my favourite stories seem to be time travel based I know that the practical me understands that it can’t, as yet, be achieved).

I thrive on positive responses to things I do and feel it like a knife through my soul when something I’ve done is belittled.  I’m not averse to criticism when presented in the right way, I recognise that, like 100% of the human population, I’m not perfect and I have my strong points and my weaknesses.  I know I need to work on those weaknesses but that I may never be as stong as others are be in those areas – but at least I’ll try.  Thank you to all of you who help me in this respect.

But some people revel in the mistakes of others and, working from a presumed point of superior knowledge or skill are eager to highlight others inconsistencies.   Psychologically speaking this is something not to get angry about, or consider finding the nearest bridge from which to bungee jump without a bungee (it’s the same kind of thrill going down but there is no bouncing back again and a large potential for death or at least a sever soaking).  There is usually a root cause for people to feel the need to look upon others work and try to destroy the person rather than critique and offer advice on the actual text, or picture or film (or whatever somebody has poured their heart into).  That root is usually a deep rooted insecurity.

And so I have decided to use any bomb lobbed in my direction, look at it closely, pull it apart to see how it works and send it back with a word of thanks (after carefully disarming it of course, I’m not a malicious person and I wouldn’t want the sender to get an arm or leg blown off).

The world is full of many and disparate characters and, as the old saying goes, you can’t please all of the people all of the time.  I’m happy that I’m a moderately competent writer, an ok songwriter and can play the guitar enough to write and perform my music.  I think I’m quite good with people and teaching, a good father and a fairly good human being – I’m working hard at all of these and hopefully, by the time I reach what ever age life decides is it for me (be that 48 or 148), I will improve a little in all of these.



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5 responses to “Human Nature

  1. katyasozaeva

    You’re a kinder person than I; years ago I felt I was being psychically attacked. Rather than put up a psychic shield, I put up a psychic mirror – sending all that negativity right back at the person sending it. Dunno if it worked, but I’m much happier these days 🙂 Maybe someone out there is as miserable as I was; maybe I was being paranoid. Maybe I’m freakin’ insane, who knows? LOL

  2. Krishna panikker

    Hi! John you are very right about the world being full of desperate people.There are times when I feel I understand my pet dog better then humans.People have become very vengeful.They only want to take revenge.May it be with a gun or wordsForgiving one another is no longer a human policy. Tit for tat is all that counts.I am not saying I am an angel John.I had my share of all these but then I was more on the receiving side .Not so smart is what my friends say but then again life is short so why go hurting one another.Thats human nature I presume.

  3. Good post, John. I agree that when people make a habit of putting others down it is due to an insecurity problem. And much of that type of behavior stems from problems with parents during growing up years. But the problem escalates when we react negatively to their behavior. It’s like adding fuel to the fire and in some cases like adding gasoline. Your method of defusing the ‘bomb’ is great.

    Krishna, your observation about your pet dog is right on. The thing about pets is that it doesn’t make an iota of difference whether we understand them or not. They remain loyal whatever we do. With people it’s another story altogether. If they feel they are not understood or misunderstood it opens the doors to all sorts of inappropriate behavior.

  4. thevanbrown

    There is a pleasantness in your words that ring comfortably well with the idea that you might just be a nice fellow. I have no trouble imaging that at all. Take care John, & keep writing,

    • krishna

      Hi Thevan,You are right.John sounds like a very nice person.You dont find many of these people around nowadays.You know during this era you find it very difficult to find or have a good and close friend.Almost everyone has an ulterior motive behind the word “friendship”.I dont know about men but women are different.I am blessed to have a few very good and helpful friends.Ialso make sure that I can be around when they need me.At times it is not in kind but just a caring shoulder or a good pair of ears.I suppose thats what friends are for Thevan.

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