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Free Speech

My last poem went down quite well – it’s ages since I wrote a batch of ‘poetry’ – when I was a teenager I used to write reams of the stuff and almost (I know we can all say almost about a lot of things) had one published in a compilation by the name of ‘Spongers’ – this was a short tome by the unemployed for the unemployed about being skint and, well, unemployed!  It wasn’t the jolliest of books, or wouldn’t have been had it seen the light of day!  Ah well, thank goodness for the Internet.

Anyway I feel like giving you another poem today… sorry but it has to come out somewhere 🙂


Free Speech

If I hold my head like so

And pull my mind apart

Will you hear my voice and see my soul

And break my bleeding tender heart

If I open my eyes and look around

And see the million things you try to hide

With brittle pain I will fall down 

And tell the world you lied 

If I try to see all there is to see

Will I die from shock

Is this all there is to be with me

On this barren broken rock

If I kiss you with my tender lips

And walk away with fear

Will I ever get to see or know

The voice I long to hear


The End



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Raw Power (a poem of sorts)

Something tells me when it’s time

To twist the sense and toe the line

When the clock strikes twelve all hell breaks loose

And dare the one who has to choose

From wilting weed to stormy weather

The man who tames the winter heather

Do you hate to feel the pull

Of every vicious loaded gun

Do you love to know the pain

When thrashing through the icy rain

There once was a man who fell and cried

There once was a man who almost died

Is life so hard to understand

When death and love go hand in hand

Raw is the love that settles the heart

That stings the man who cannot part

From every mother’s lover’s son

I only wish that I was that one

That won the love and every single eternal hour

Could feel the precious thrill of your raw power!


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Short and Simple

A little competition I think!

No prize just a race to come up with the best answer to a question.  What is the biggest coincidence you have personally witnessed that made you think that perhaps there was something supernatural?  You may well believe it was supernatural or you may well believe it was just a 1 in a million happening that just happened to resonate within your mind as a bit strange.

I think we’ve all had simple ones such as you think of a person you haven’t seen for a long time and they just happen to walk into the room.  Or you start talking about a long forgotten television programme of film and it comes up on the TV.  But do you have a really strange one, an event that was so bizarrely weird and coincidental nobody would believe it but it was true?  And do you have a theory to go with these happenings?

Give it a go!


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Easter Parade

Hello and Happy Easter or if you’re reading this after Easter I hope you had a happy Easter and if you’re not that into Easter, don’ celebrate it because of religion or well for any reason I hope you had a good weekend (but do you still eat the egg-shaped chocolate?).

I’m not eating the egg-shaped chocolate or any chocolate at the moment (unless you count the 40 cal drinks I’m addicted to which are very nice, especially the dark chocolate flavour – yummy!).  I am not a religious person but I still like Easter and I celebrate it as a purely secular occasion as I do Christmas.  To me it’s purely a historical thing but I do have many friends who are Christians and celebrate it as intended as part of their faith.  I have thought about doing the same for all the other special occasions associated with the other religions but if I did I think I’d be pretty busy with celebrating most of the year and I don’t have the time!

I’d also like to join in some of the non- religious ones as well.  I quite fancy Independence Day when you folks in the US managed to get yourselves out of the Empire (it was ok we still had Australia, for a while anyway).  It wouldn’t be hypocritical, I wasn’t around in 1776 (honest I wasn’t though my children think I was).  We still have some vaguely socialist holidays (May Day mainly) but there are efforts being made to change these but I’m all for it – if we can have a few Christian holidays why not a Atheistic one?

Anyway back to me not eating chocolate.  I am dieting having gone up to a weight I didn’t like and that didn’t suit my clothes (they were resisting heartily as I forced my expanding body into them every day).  I don’t think I’ll ever get down to my fighting weight of 10st (140lbs) but I’m aiming for 11st 7lbs – I was that when I was 11 and 20 and 27 and… well it has gone up and down and few times.  I was only ever 10st when I was 7 and 28!

I’m doing ok as I’m on 12st 9 at the moment but it’s getting harder – have you ever noticed how many adverts there are for ‘bad’ food on the television? My mouth is watering all the time (which can be embarrassing especially when I’m out in public) and even the McDonald’s ads are getting to me (and I’m a vegetarian!)

Ah well I have a lettuce leaf egg substitute to eat (have you ever tried making a pile of lettuce leaves into an egg shape?!) and I need to watch my boys devour their real chocolate eggs (I have to get my fix somehow).



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