Easter Parade

Hello and Happy Easter or if you’re reading this after Easter I hope you had a happy Easter and if you’re not that into Easter, don’ celebrate it because of religion or well for any reason I hope you had a good weekend (but do you still eat the egg-shaped chocolate?).

I’m not eating the egg-shaped chocolate or any chocolate at the moment (unless you count the 40 cal drinks I’m addicted to which are very nice, especially the dark chocolate flavour – yummy!).  I am not a religious person but I still like Easter and I celebrate it as a purely secular occasion as I do Christmas.  To me it’s purely a historical thing but I do have many friends who are Christians and celebrate it as intended as part of their faith.  I have thought about doing the same for all the other special occasions associated with the other religions but if I did I think I’d be pretty busy with celebrating most of the year and I don’t have the time!

I’d also like to join in some of the non- religious ones as well.  I quite fancy Independence Day when you folks in the US managed to get yourselves out of the Empire (it was ok we still had Australia, for a while anyway).  It wouldn’t be hypocritical, I wasn’t around in 1776 (honest I wasn’t though my children think I was).  We still have some vaguely socialist holidays (May Day mainly) but there are efforts being made to change these but I’m all for it – if we can have a few Christian holidays why not a Atheistic one?

Anyway back to me not eating chocolate.  I am dieting having gone up to a weight I didn’t like and that didn’t suit my clothes (they were resisting heartily as I forced my expanding body into them every day).  I don’t think I’ll ever get down to my fighting weight of 10st (140lbs) but I’m aiming for 11st 7lbs – I was that when I was 11 and 20 and 27 and… well it has gone up and down and few times.  I was only ever 10st when I was 7 and 28!

I’m doing ok as I’m on 12st 9 at the moment but it’s getting harder – have you ever noticed how many adverts there are for ‘bad’ food on the television? My mouth is watering all the time (which can be embarrassing especially when I’m out in public) and even the McDonald’s ads are getting to me (and I’m a vegetarian!)

Ah well I have a lettuce leaf egg substitute to eat (have you ever tried making a pile of lettuce leaves into an egg shape?!) and I need to watch my boys devour their real chocolate eggs (I have to get my fix somehow).




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5 responses to “Easter Parade

  1. katyasozaeva

    Actually, May Day is pagan, not socialist or atheist. It is based upon a pagan tradition that celebrates fertility. The Maypole dance was originally a contest in which the winner would be May Queen and she, with the May King, would have ritual intercourse in order to ensure the fertility of the fields and herds for the coming year. Then everyone would pair off and go into the fields to have their own private “rituals”. 😉 May-Day babies were highly prized and had a special place in the village.

    Easter is based on a similar fertility rite, thus all the eggs and bunnies. Eostara is actually based on the Solstice, but when the Christians took it over (as they did many of the pagan high Holy days) they switched stuff around. It celebrates the ripening of the year from winter into spring and the subsequent ripening of the Goddess from child to youth. Fascinating stuff, really.

    • I was the nearly the May King once but I got the shakes on rehearsals so I ended up as May day paige boy! This was in the 70’s I’ll have you know and at 1st School so there was none of that sexual stuff but we did dance around the May pole! That always reminds me of my favourite film the good old Whicker man (the orginal not the other one :-))

      I stand corrected – do we have any secular ones?

  2. habisha

    You got tons of responses on holidays. I am from Ethiopia so my holidays are different.

    I do vegetarian diet a lot, not because I am dieting but because my body is happier eating less meat. I’ll never be a complete “vegetablearian” because I do like a red bloody juicy steak once in a while. That be as it may, I am also gluten intolerant, so have found papadam as a substitute for bread. Made from lentils, it has the crunch of crackers and the spice I’m always looking for (I get the spicy not the plain ones). They are filling AND nutritious and have the added benefit of not too many calories.

  3. krishna

    Hi! John my sister in law celebrates Easter and I had the liberty of enjoying a few eggs.My cholesterol is high and I promise myself not to take any eggs but then who can resist CHOCOLATE!

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