Short and Simple

A little competition I think!

No prize just a race to come up with the best answer to a question.  What is the biggest coincidence you have personally witnessed that made you think that perhaps there was something supernatural?  You may well believe it was supernatural or you may well believe it was just a 1 in a million happening that just happened to resonate within your mind as a bit strange.

I think we’ve all had simple ones such as you think of a person you haven’t seen for a long time and they just happen to walk into the room.  Or you start talking about a long forgotten television programme of film and it comes up on the TV.  But do you have a really strange one, an event that was so bizarrely weird and coincidental nobody would believe it but it was true?  And do you have a theory to go with these happenings?

Give it a go!



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5 responses to “Short and Simple

  1. katyasozaeva

    Why I believe in reincarnation:
    Several years back, I decided I wanted to write a story. I decided that I wanted to include some Indian mythology, and include some sort of demon that a small village would sacrifice children to. I also wanted to incorporate elements that included snakes and rubies, in a bracelet that one of the characters would have. I didn’t know anything about Indian mythology, so I started to do some research, to see if I could fit these ideas around existing mythology. this is what I learned:
    There is a creature in Indian mythology whose symbols are snakes and rubies: the Naga. There is a demon, the name started with a P, that exactly fit the demon I had come up with in my mind. There is no way I could have known these things, but there they were, exactly as I’d created them in my mind. There was more to it than that, but I can’t find my notes right now and I can’t remember all the names of the creatures I discovered fitting my descriptions while I was researching. It was eerie.

    This isn’t the only time these sorts of things have happened – where I have known things there is no way I could have known, or where I have recognized places I’ve never been before. Plus I resonate strongly with certain periods in history – the Celts, the Wild West… I feel connected to these times.

    It all winds up with me believing I’ve been reincarnated several times and am pulling in bits and pieces of past lives in this knowledge.

    • Thanks Katy, sounds good. My youngest boy came home once and asked when he could go back to the mine he used to work in – he was 3 at the time!

      • katyasozaeva

        Children are much more in contact with the supernatural world. I think I used to commune with fairies, but I can barely remember it. My family quickly would put paid to anything that smacked of the paranatural.

  2. To me–its about timing–knowing when to listen
    when to come in out of the rain

  3. Coincidences happen to me so frequently I have a hard time not believing there’s something else at work there, but I still mostly land on the side of pure happenstance. Still, there was the time I took a friend for a visit to our cabin in another state, where she went for a jog and ran into her neighbor. Neither knew the other was even familiar with the area, but the neighbor had recently bought property there and just happened to be driving by on that lonely stretch of road at that point in time to run into her. Well, fortunately he didn’t actually run into her, just pulled over to say hi.

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