Raw Power (a poem of sorts)

Something tells me when it’s time

To twist the sense and toe the line

When the clock strikes twelve all hell breaks loose

And dare the one who has to choose

From wilting weed to stormy weather

The man who tames the winter heather

Do you hate to feel the pull

Of every vicious loaded gun

Do you love to know the pain

When thrashing through the icy rain

There once was a man who fell and cried

There once was a man who almost died

Is life so hard to understand

When death and love go hand in hand

Raw is the love that settles the heart

That stings the man who cannot part

From every mother’s lover’s son

I only wish that I was that one

That won the love and every single eternal hour

Could feel the precious thrill of your raw power!



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7 responses to “Raw Power (a poem of sorts)

  1. I like the cadence of the poem, John. I can almost hear it being set to music and sung.

  2. katyasozaeva

    Very evocative.

  3. Krishna


  4. I like. I like. Two thumbs up and hands clapping!

  5. ontheplumtree

    Powerful poem, John. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Powerful poem, great feel.

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