Free Speech

My last poem went down quite well – it’s ages since I wrote a batch of ‘poetry’ – when I was a teenager I used to write reams of the stuff and almost (I know we can all say almost about a lot of things) had one published in a compilation by the name of ‘Spongers’ – this was a short tome by the unemployed for the unemployed about being skint and, well, unemployed!  It wasn’t the jolliest of books, or wouldn’t have been had it seen the light of day!  Ah well, thank goodness for the Internet.

Anyway I feel like giving you another poem today… sorry but it has to come out somewhere 🙂


Free Speech

If I hold my head like so

And pull my mind apart

Will you hear my voice and see my soul

And break my bleeding tender heart

If I open my eyes and look around

And see the million things you try to hide

With brittle pain I will fall down 

And tell the world you lied 

If I try to see all there is to see

Will I die from shock

Is this all there is to be with me

On this barren broken rock

If I kiss you with my tender lips

And walk away with fear

Will I ever get to see or know

The voice I long to hear


The End



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2 responses to “Free Speech

  1. katyasozaeva

    Nice… 🙂

    I think we all wrote poetry when we were young. I actually have had several poems published – when I was in grade school, these people used to come by every couple years and pick out some of the best poetry from the students and publish it. I always had one in those. I also published in a university publication at NDSU while in Fargo, and self-published a small book of poems. I mean, literally – printed, folded and stapled every copy personally. I think I did 10, and have a few left 🙂

  2. “If I hold my head like so
    And pull my mind apart
    Will you hear my voice and see my soul
    And break my bleeding tender heart”

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