The Future Is Here!

Good news, I have this week taken delivery of a lovely new LED television set that is capable of showing HD, 3D, connect to the Internet, make tea, do the dusting…  alright maybe I was getting just a touch carried away with a couple of things, it doesn’t yet do 3D (unless you count the nifty 2D to 3D option that is brilliant at car ads if nothing else) but once I can afford the Blu-Ray player with 3D function then away I go with the glasses…

I’m not really a technophile, although I do work in IT (I manage an IT Training team) and I was the technical guy in charge of a smallish network at one point I’m much more comfortable using the things than setting them up!  I don’t like having to sit with a controller in hand and a variety of confusing screens flashing before my eyes!  Whatever happened to plug-n-play for goodness sake!

In many way the future we always dreamt about is here though I’m sorry to say the flying cars have refused to take off (sorry unintentional pun)  which if the driving habits of some people is anything to go by is not such a bad thing.  We still haven’t broken away from this galaxy yet (or even, if you take manned space flight as a dream, managed to get further than our own lovely but very close moon) and unless something really exciting happens soon we won’t in my life time.  Which all means imagination is our only way there.

Thank goodness for the imaginations of those writers who have and still continue to imagine and re-imagine and give us worlds we’ll never see but we can picture and almost touch!  Not everybody likes to read Sci Fi or speculative fiction (what’s the difference, I’ll have to have a look me thinks?) but it’s good to dream though very rarely do we get it right, which is a big shame: step up ‘time travel’, ‘warp drive’, ‘human robots’ – one day maybe but not yet…

Sometimes I look back (well I am a sentimental old fool – I cry such buckets of tears at family videos I have to keep several boxes of tissues on hand).  I remember the 70’s and the 80’s and it doesn’t seem that long ago, a few years but I’ve changed from a teenager to a middle-aged person in the blink of an eye.

The 80’s I remember don’t feel much different to now, hair styles may have been a little more bouffant for women but for your average person life was pretty much the same.  Yes we had fewer channels on television but the rain was still wet, a spot of snow closed all the schools and the Rolling Stones were already old!

Old ladies still seem to develop a fetish for blue rinses, Coronation Street still battles with Eastenders and there is yet another recession!  All we need now is Dallas back on TV (maybe the last twenty years were all a dream…) and I can pretend I’m twenty again (I still feel twenty in my head though my eyes tell me differently).

Right I have to go and plug my Commodore in and find those Robocod tapes!  Bye for now!



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16 responses to “The Future Is Here!

  1. katyasozaeva

    Oh, so it doesn’t really make tea or dust? What a pity, I was gearing up to get excited! 🙂 My husband, after seeing The Avengers in 3-D, has decided he really doesn’t like it much, but I think it’s probably because the glasses provided by the theatre wouldn’t fit over his own glasses, so things were probably a bit blurry for him. Also, it was filmed too dark to start with – put the glasses on and it’s even worse. But overall, it was a good film. Anyway, have fun, but don’t lose sight of the important stuff – like reading and writing! 🙂

  2. Unfortunately I can sympathize with far too much of what you are saying. I am a techie though and the ‘human robots’ are already here and doing very well I might add, there is even a very popular rock star… seriously popular. I have not invested in the whole 3D TV things yet, mostly because I cannot see 3D so there is no incentive for me. Huge Sci-Fi fan here, too. 🙂 BTW – we do not yet have flying cars, but they are driving themselves now as evidenced recently by a blind man driving… seriously.

    • Which pop star? Tell me please or is more than my lifes worth? I could hazard a guess? Yes Ive seen those cars – it’s actually possible to make cars stick to speed limits but that of course would be against human rights so a bit tricky to comment on? I love driving and if I had the right kind of place and money I’d love to put my foot down – but maybe a way of stopping speeding would be good on public road? My son is the same so he’ll miss out on the 3D too!

  3. “and the Rolling Stones were already old!” FUNNY!
    “I remember the 70′s and the 80′s and it doesn’t seem that long ago, a few years but I’ve changed from a teenager to a middle-aged person in the blink of an eye.” All too true.


    Gosh! Your post brought back so many memories! It also reminded me of how so much is the same except for me. I feel one age but the mirror tells me otherwise … Sigh. I also love gadget but hate the set up. You would think we could make that easier then it is … another Sigh! Who knows, we may actually find ourselves off our home rock into another uninverse someday …. Aw someday … Sigh! Not in my lifetime it would seem. Great big SIGH!

  5. Krishna

    Hi John! You sound so like me.Ahh! The good old 70’s and 80’s.I love running through the old photographs(they have changed colour though)too.Memories are so beautiful.I am not so much into modern gadgets except the normal necessary ones but if there is a chance and the fare is reasonable I would love to go to the moon.!

  6. Hello John! Another great post! I got my Afro back only this time instead of being Jet Black and perfectly round ala “The Jackson Five” or “The Sylvers” now it’s colored Red (to hide the grey) and more of a Curly ‘Fro’. Also Dallas is back! A few original cast members but mostly new kids on the block. However it won’t be the same with J.R., Miss Ellie or Charlene Tilton with her fast behind! Have fun with your HD TV!!

    • katyasozaeva

      My husband says there needs to be more ‘fros out there, except .. you don’t walk around with your comb stuck in it do you? ‘Cause that just makes you look like you got distracted in the middle of your task … 🙂 But that’s just my opinion – anyway, i was starting to say, my husband says there should be more ‘fros out there, although he himself has more of a “Jew ‘fro” and it’s not nearly as good as his half-brother’s is … now that kid has a great Jew ‘fro … although, D isn’t actually Jewish; I’m not sure about his half-brother, I don’t know how dedicated to being a Jew D’s step-father is … *shrug* But I digress – ‘fros are terrific things. Too bad my hair is straight as string – if I had the money, I might go with rows, though – I think I had enough hair now that the braids would look terrific on me. Then again, maybe I’d just look ridiculous 🙂

      Y’know, it’s a pity that modern-day TV and movie producers can’t think of new stuff to create rather than just re-doing the oldies. Of course, my family didn’t watch “Dallas,” too much of a soap opera … except, once in awhile, Mom and I would come back from a basketball game or something (I was in the band) and catch my dad watching it – he’d *claim* he was reading and just didn’t bother to turn off the TV, but we knew the truth… 🙂 Heh.

      • Katya, No, there Afro picks with the fist sticking out from the middle of my ‘Fro’. That’s way too old skool. Anyway I haven’t seen a Power Fist Afro pick in years. Also my job would not allow me to walk around looking like I just left a 70s Time Machine!

        Every so often I do switch up with Corn Rows or Box braids. I love my hair’s natural texture along with the versatility. If you think my 70s look was avant garde you should have seen me with my 80s look Jheri Curl. For a short time I rocked a Spiked Do. Then again I was in my 20s back then and my hair was extremely thick so I could put all types of chemicals in it and nothing bad happened. However since my late 30s I keep to the Natural look. For nine years I had Locs which grew down to my waist. Cut those off around 2005. My goal now is to keep the gray hair at bay and of course to keep my hair healthy since I’m now past the half century mark.

      • katyasozaeva

        🙂 Nothing wrong with gray, either – most of my friends and acquaintances had gray hairs by their 20s, or at least early 30s, but I only just started getting a few a couple years ago. I said once that started I would not dye my hair again, except maybe a brightly colored streak here and there. But for now there’s too much of it …

      • Katya, I agree. Grey hair can be beautiful on some people, however I’m not one of them. For some strange reason all my hair had turned gray by age 52 and I got sick of my hair not matching my face so I took the coloring plunge. I’m not ready to join the Over the Hill club.
        Of course brown was too mousy so now I’m red in the head. Red hair really matches my personality and I’ve gotten loads of comments. Thank you L’Oreal Feria R68!! With that let’s have an 8-Track Flashback!!
        The Ohio Players — Fire

      • katyasozaeva

        Nice! Dude on keyboards had a sweet hat. I listened to my brothers’ music from the early 1970s, so got a weird mixture – The Sweet and Simon & Garfunkle; The Beach Boys and Styx, and… well, you get the idea 🙂 Plus my mom and dad and their cowboy music – Sons of the Pioneers, Patsy Cline and the like. So I developed rather eclectic tastes…

      • Yeah it’s pretty cool. I really loved the guys “Popping and Locking” with a little bit of the Robot at the end. By the way I absolutely Love, Love, Love Patsy Cline. Patsy had a way with a song. Some of my favorite groups are Chicago, The Eagles, as well as Simon & Garfunkle. I also listened to my parents Big Band & Jazz records. Believe it or not my Mom & Dad were big fans of Mitch Miller, Lawrence Welk & Guy Lombardo. Ugh! Can’t really say I liked or enjoyed those choices. Corny as the corn on the cob.

      • katyasozaeva

        Ah, I watched Lawrence Welk every week – I have always loved music of all kinds, and that was one show of which my parents didn’t disapprove. Although I always had the impression that the “beeyootifuhl champagne-ah singers” were somehow wicked, even though i had no idea what champagne was for many years more. 🙂

        Oh, yeah, love Chicago and the Eagles and (whispers) the Bee Gees and (normal voice) ELO and all that awesome stadium rock from the 70s that just can’t be compared to anything else, although I also loved the hair bands of the 80s and the glam rockers of both decades – I also enjoyed a lot of the 90s music – Garbage, Courtney Love, Metallica, etc. etc. Some good stuff.

        Now I’m obsessed with The Cruxshadows – they’re amazing.

        And now I need to try *again* to get some sleep -this is getting annoying and I’m getting tired of wasting so much time trying to sleep, but I”m just exhausted from lack of sleep and I keep hoping that if I just lay here quietly, eventually I’ll drop off. I could have read War & Peace in all the time I’ve spent trying to sleep the last few days … :-/ Heh.

      • Girlfriend, Have a glass of the bubbly or a glass of wine. You will sleep very well. Sweet Dreams.

      • katyasozaeva

        *laugh* thanks, but with my meds I’m not supposed to drink. Eventually exhaustion will knock me down and I’ll sleep and then things will be fine for awhile.

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