Is Age just a Number?

I’ve touched on this subject before.  In fact I seem to dwell on it an awful lot so perhaps I’m as obsessed with it as an aging pop star or fading film star?  Age, is it just a number or is it something you should strive to hold at bay?  How many of you have seen those individuals who insist on not just thinking they are still in the full flush of youth but dress and act that way?

Alright I’m not against living the life you want and if that means going out clubbing (that’s night clubbing not seal clubbing to all my animal friendly friends though I have no doubt that it would be an activity needing nearly as much energy and a hint of masachistic intent) until the birds sing with joy as the sun breaks over the skyline then fine (I’d love to know what legal substance you’re on and can you get me some?).

What I’m not so keen on is people trying to squeeze themselves into the same clothes they did when young free and a few pounds lighter.  I talk from a position of some knowledge having just shed two stones for the tenth time (me yo-yo dieting?  No I just love putting that weight back on again, really I do…).  No I don’t mean I lost the weight to get into my old denims it was purely to stop myself growing out of my current clothes, they were getting a touch tight!  Honest I gave my old glitter suit away to charity years ago…

Apparently we are all living longer (apart from those that don’t obviously but we are talking generalisations here) and 30 is the new 20, 40 is the new 30 and…, well you get my drift.  People of 40 look so much younger than they did when I was in my 20’s or is that just my perspective?  Yes policemen do look an awful lot younger than they used to but that’s because 20 is the new 10, isn’t it?

Anyway I’m 47 which seemed so old when I was 10.  In fact 16 seemed very old when I was 10!  But now well I’m a youngster or I would be were I standing for President or Prime Minister.  Obviously if I was an athlete I’d be getting my pension by now! 

I’m hoping I match my grand parents, one who is still with us and 91, my dear departed grandpa who was 92 and my other grandpa who was 89.  Whichever way you look at it though I’m still middle aged (unless I get into my next century!).

I think I’ve written enough now on age unless my memory plays up and I write some more at some point in the future…  Have fun at the disco won’t you and please think of me sat here in my slippers with my cup of cocoa as you bop the night away.



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6 responses to “Is Age just a Number?

  1. katyasozaeva

    Heh. I think age is a lot to do with your state of mind. My grandmother stayed young at heart her whole life, even after she developed severe dementia and had to be put in a home; she couldn’t remember our names, but she could remember to pull pranks on the nurses! I’ve never been overly concerned about age, frequently having friends much older and much younger than myself, a situation that was helped by having a brother who is 11 years older than me, and many cousins about the same age, while few were my age or younger. By the time I was 10, I had cousins having babies, although i had to wait until I was 21 for my brother to get around to it… Anyway, I’ve always tried to maintain a “young” outlook on life – keep up with the current music (at least the rock – don’t much care for this dagnab hippity hop stuff *grumble grumph*), reading, etc. And this year, I’ll be 21 … for the 2nd time! It’ll be GLOOOOORIOUS!!! 🙂

  2. Love this post. As I’m past that half century mark I too reflect on getting older. I suppose one does tend to concentrate more on aging especially when you start seeing friends and family pass away. Unfortunately I’ve lost several friends and co-workers who were only in their 40s & 50s. It really hit me hard and made me consider how short life is sometime. In a way I also feel like I have to hurry to accomplish what I want in this life before I transition to the next. Sad to say both my parents died in their 60s, so I really hope to live longer than they did.

    I would say age gives you a new perspective and you prioritize your life. What was important to me in my 20s & 30s is no longer. I had my Disco days. That’s over and done with. Now is the time for me to develop my legacy and assistance my young nieces and nephews in their lives. I try to impress upon them that the decision you make today will affect you 10, 20 even 30 years down the road. It seems like yesterday when I was 18 and the world was my oyster but realistically now I’m planning for retirement and to fulfill the calling on my life. I’m also wondering how in the world did I get to be older than the President of the United States and his wife?

    Unlike some women I’m glad to have put on some weight in middle-age because I was always skinny as a rail and the butt of other people’s jokes. I’m still not too big however at least now I fill out my clothes. Much better. Hey I’m proud of the “Junk in My Trunk”. Took years to get there!!

    My mind still holds the hopes and dreams of youth. I still want to travel. Love a good challenge and am just as excited about life as in my youth, however I have this new “boyfriend” first name: Arthur, last name Itis. Arthur wakes me up on the morning, bugs the hell out of me on rainy days and goes to bed with me at night. If only my ex- had been that faithful! That cute photo is my brother and I in 1961.

    I’ve gone into more depths on what it means to be Eisenhower and Kennedy babies in my post at:

    • katyasozaeva

      You were actually fortunate not to lose anyone earlier – I first experienced death when I was 10; a 16-year-old neighbor girl died. They never were certain whether it was her asthma or her heart just gave out. When I was 19, a classmate committed suicide. When I was 27, another classmate was killed in a farming accident. It can happen at any age, and yes, it is important to remember that life is too short, and we shouldn’t waste it. Can’t convince the hubby of that, though – he’d still rather spend his time blowing up tanks than talking to his very ill wife 🙂

      Anyway, yeah, I got an Arthur myself; showed up when I was in my 20s. Bastard won’t let me get any decent rest anymore now that he’s moved past my knees and lower back into my hips and shoulders. He’s really a jerk…

      And as far as my age group – there’s enough whining out there among Generation X, those of us who grew up with Carter and Reagan and the first Bush … so I’ll leave it there 🙂

  3. Man, I think about this all the time. Well, not all the time…I do have other worries.
    I get this: “No I just love putting that weight back on again, really I do…). No I don’t mean I lost the weight to get into my old denims it was purely to stop myself growing out of my current clothes, they were getting a touch tight! Honest I gave my old glitter suit away to charity years ago…” Except I’m not ready to give up my glitter tube tops. JK
    Where does the time go? Parenting, and well worth it.


    When we are younger you barely think about aging. We see others that who are older and think, “not me!”. Well “not me” is me now. The older we get the more we notice how we look, what we weight and whether we are becoming superfluous in our world … Sigh! Getting older is not cool! I said enough.

    PS: I wrote about this little while back incase you would to se wn=hat I had to say about the subject. 🙂

  5. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    There’s a lot of humor in the aging process. I love writing about my new adventures.
    PS: I love your brief and punchy posts.

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