Comfort in Distant Friendship

I’m not sure what kind of mood I’m in today.  On the one hand I’ve completed my customary early morning weekly supermarket visit (which was an empty place populated mainly by staff and middle-aged men – of which I’m probably one!).  This task is always  good to get out-of-the-way and leaves the rest of Saturday free for… well that’s just it, I have lots of things I need to do, should be doing and I hate to  vegetate but I can’t decide which is the most pressing of the tasks!

I am quite happy, I have been feeding my voracious appetite for recorded music recently partly thanks to the ‘pre-used’ ‘refurbished’ cd’s now being provided in my local Morrisons (one of our big four Supermarket chains for all my none-UK friends and one hailing from my home town of Bradford) – this gives me a fix every Saturday morning as I search through for a piece of gold at only £2 a shot (and sometimes I moan a little as I see a few I have bought in the past at full price oh fool that I was, not realising that one day I could save a fortune).  Today for instance I bought a Stokes album, a U2 album and a New Order greatest hits, last week it was… well you get the picture!  I have also taken to searching the Internet for pieces of gold and thanks to I now have a fist full of Penelope Houston (no relation to any of the other famous Houston song birds and in fact a punk rocker from a little combo named the Avengers who went folkie).

But still I’m not completely satisfied, I could buy more but there is a feeling of something missing!  I have to say thank you by the way to those of you who have stuck by me even when I’ve become nothing more than a silent phantom hovering on the edge of your memory – cheers all and thank goodness for distant friends.   I will try to keep up and not fade away!  Your support keeps me going and in those lucid periods when my habit can be kept at bay it helps to bring focus to my life – now what can I buy next, I nice Sham69 collection maybe or a touch of the Thin Lizzys?



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6 responses to “Comfort in Distant Friendship

  1. katyasozaeva

    Good question … just get something good, right? 🙂

    • I will indeed but what’s good? I have a very eclectic taste range! Any suggestions? 🙂

      • Teresa Cleveland Wendel

        I, too, am not a music bigot. I’m open to anything. Even country. Occasionally.

      • katyasozaeva

        Well, personally, I have lately become obsessed with The Cruxshadows – I love their dark electronic sound and uplifting lyrics. “Dreamcypher” is one of their albums I particularly love, and “Sophia” is my favorite song by them, although I like all of them. *shrug*

      • I’ll have to have a listen then! I am going to have to stop for a while though, what with music and a surge in my book buying (a reaquaintence with Asimov and C. Clarke at the moment)!

      • Ah right I see, shades of the 80’s and the Cure, and Dep Mode and early New Order and …. showing my age!

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