More Musical Tastes

You may be glad to know that I now have my musical habit under control or at least I’m getting there!  I have bought a lot of music over the last few months but I’m being really careful now, I only bought 3 CD’s this week and the shaking has nearly stopped!  I got to thinking that my tastes are very varied and to my mind at least pretty cool, but who is to say what I don’t like doesn’t have its own merits in another person eyes, merits that are equally valid to mine?

In general I’m a person who has tastes that are best described as on the alternative side though in recent years (and by recent I’m probably thinking 20 years but that’s me just showing my age) those tastes do seem to have seeped into the normal musical landscape and back out again!

I have always loved the music of the 60’s from soul to British Invasion beat groups to wacked out psycho punk and garage to a little funk.  I loved the punk stuff from around the world followed by the New Wave and Indie with a good slice of Alternative (I especially loved the Paisley Underground).  I was a mod, a rocker, a soul boy with a taste for music with energy wit and a dark edge, a jangle here, a touch of discord there.  But I also loved some of those mainstream songs that got me in my soul, the odd Wet Wet Wet, a little Duran Duran, a smidgen of Robbie Williams (I have nearly all his albums don’t you know…).

So I know there is at least some music on my large collection (cd’s, records, tapes etc) that almost everybody will like but I also know that if ten different people rummaged through it not a single one would like it all in the same way that I do!

My core value in the music I like is difficult to pinpoint but generally it’s an authenticity, an original idea and a spirit of adventure, but I probably do like some music that is plain commercial born from an idea for making money by some accountant or other (I love the Monkees).

Some people think that musical styles are now so diverse but at the same time so mixed together that nothing new can come along and maybe they are right (people said the same things in the 60’s 70’s, 80’s, 90’s etc and what did they know!) but the main thing that stops a musician or musical style being so influential now is that music is just one of a million different cultural background noises along with games, social networks, tv, movies etc.  There is always a slightly different take that comes along but nothing on the scale of hearing Elvis for the first time (I admit I was twenty plus years late but hey) or the Beatles or Sex Pistols.

And what about all those brilliant culture changing artists who never got the chance to change our lives?  Music is so much about luck so it’s not enough to be brilliant you have to be discovered!  Which bring me to my comeback!

I am still practicing but normal life has once again started to impinge!  I’m not a teenager anymore living in my own little flat and having no job or reason other than to play my music.  So paying the bills and helping to bring my boys up comes first!  Perhaps I gave up too soon, perhaps I could have been huge!  And maybe not!

Anyway have a listen to this song I uploaded to my MySpace site – I quite like it and on some dark nights I listen to it and dream…

Yes it’s me and I’m so sorry to assault your ears but if you like it then fine it’s good to share and if you don’t well I am sure your not alone; but I’m probably in good company.  Happy listening!



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4 responses to “More Musical Tastes

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    Music is a huge part of my life.
    Hey. Even my macho son-in-law likes the Monkees.

  2. You ready for this? You have a Chris de Burge sound. Nice 🙂

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