Philosophical Musing – A Fictional Piece

Very few people get out of this life without some damage, some chip of mental debris or something far bigger but hidden inside the skull.  Don’t believe a word don’t fall prey to the lies of those who tell you they have the rosiest of lives.  They of course may not know themselves so it’s not malicious or out of fear.  But deep inside their psychic shell will be a crack, a fissure that leaks pain and seeps life like a sinking boat.

Can it really be so long ago when the dreams came and wrecked my sleep, when the life within flooded my head with nightmares.  Screaming banshee and red lightning sheets of bloody storms, rain that fell in torrents and hammered on the metal roof like a millions falling nails.  A wind that thrashed the trees for telling the truth and tore the branches from the very wood that gave shelter in sunnier times.

Green grow the leaves in springtime when life is fresh and raw but nothing can save the foliage from the ravishing rage of nature flexing a power that defies all to stand and hold a palm forward and yell for it to stop!  In my dreams I tried like a fool and I suffered for it.



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5 responses to “Philosophical Musing – A Fictional Piece

  1. thevanbrown

    Your words are coming alive, and the image of:
    “A wind that thrashed the trees for telling the truth…”
    sets about to tell a tale.

  2. katyasozaeva

    Powerful; a very powerful piece of flash fiction. Thanks!

  3. Krishna

    Wow,John that was sooooo very good!

  4. Reblogged this on johndrhodesauthor and commented:

    Thanks for the brilliant comments all!

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