Perception of Time (A Personal Perspective)

I’m sat writing this as I look out across my garden (it actually looks ok, I’ve done the lawn and the weeding and it no longer looks abandoned).  The sun is sending shards of warmth through the trees, light is soaking through the window and the sky is a lovely metallic blue.  But I feel sad.  Mainly that’s because I’m a grumpy old man but it’s also because time is ticking away fast and it won’t be very long now, soon we can look forward to the wonders of winter: long dark cold nights, the threat of snow and ice and of course the ‘C’ word!

Yes I do love some aspects of winter.  I like the snow on a sunny day and building snowmen, I love the power of nature but wouldn’t it be good if we could just plan it a little better?  Perhaps book it for a few days at a time or over the holidays?  Then make it go when we needed to travel or get somewhere?

But doesn’t it seem such a short time since last winter?  I remember as though it was only yesterday wondering when it could ever get warm, when I could stop scraping ice of my car window, when I could put my winter undies away?  I’m sure it lasted all the way into May!  And now we are on the cusp again!

When I was a child (a state of affairs that seems to be receding fast) I am sure a year stretched out so far in my life?  The gap between one Christmas (drat I said the word) and the next was so long a boy could grow several inches, loose his girly voice and start to shave!   Summer holidays were extremely long periods, part boredom, part adventure (wonderful mornings of Champion the Wonder Horse, The Flashing Blade and being able to sleep in a little).  Now those six weeks go in a flash!

Of course there is scientific reason for all this and you can read lots on the perceptions of time and space which is all well and good but as I sit here (the sun is still bathing me in heat and my family are now stirring, which means a shattering of peace very soon) after a weekend that has once more flown by like a plummeting stone I wish they’d use that scientific knowledge to help us older people (basically anyone over 20) stretch time when we needed it (without causing any health problems of course).  I’m sure there’s a Sci Fi story in there (and perhaps dear readers you could point me towards them so I can at least fantasize).

Anyway I have to get my de-icer ready and find my long johns.  Enjoy the Autumn.



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3 responses to “Perception of Time (A Personal Perspective)

  1. katyasozaeva

    Living here in Georgia in the south of the USA, the winters are short and fairly warm. I grew up in eastern Montana and -40 F was not unheard of, with windchill making it slip to “ohmygodwhattheeff” pretty easily. Summers were short and hot there, though – I remember one summer when we had a long stretch of 120F – in the SHADE – for weeks. Yuck. So, I’ll happily say “ciao” to the snow and the cold and deal with the heat and humidity instead 🙂

  2. Tom Whitehouse

    Highly interesting read. Makes you think

  3. Krishna Panikker

    It’s so very different here in Malaysia John. It’s either rain,sun or wind!

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