Where Did the Time Go?

Firstly a profound apology – I once more find myself neglecting those who have supported me and followed me and helped me across the depths of cyberspace; I thought I’d post something up here only to notice that my last blog entry was November last year!  I did make a promise to be more proliferate (and I’d hoped the coffee would help get me back to that state of artistic enthusiasm I’d displayed before!).  But once again I let the real world – or at least the one that pays the bills and drives me to up the black coffee intake – push my artistic pursuits to one side.  And so I send you all my deepest apologies and I promise I will try.

Time does seem to slip like silky sand through my fingers, especially if I don’t keep an eye on things and all I wanted to achieve is left in a messy pile on the carpet (and it takes an age to vacuum it all up again).  So now I’m trying some positive thought to get me out of this ditch I fell into.  The sides looked far too steep to climb and for a while I was getting myself resigned to a life lived with the annoying pain of unfilled dreams.  The sides of the ditch seemed to be getting steeper and muddier and no matter how hard I tried to climb it just made my clothes damp and dirty and made me feel ever so tired and weary.

I’m not a religious person and I don’t believe in God (whichever God – and I know some of you do which is fine – I used to work for a Church based organisation of which there were several flavours of Christianity that some of my colleagues believed in so therefore in general religion was not discussed and therefore harmony was achieved).  I do believe in the power of people – it is within each of us a power for good and bad, an ability to create or destroy and that includes ourselves.  And so I started to try to believe in myself.

Now I’m not getting carried away, I’m not going to start thinking I’m the ‘new’ anything or any better than a million other people who write, sing, compose paint etc. but I am going to start believing that I have some talent, enough to continue and above all feel happy in it what I do.  Yes I’d love to have recognition which is where you wonderful people come in, a little bit of kindness and kind words go a long way.

In short I am trying to concentrate on the good things I have, to push those bad things to the back and not let their negative nagging get the better of me.  Well let’s see how it goes.



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3 responses to “Where Did the Time Go?

  1. Time flies, John… time flies. You need a good stopwatch, though, ’cause those little buggers are FAST!


    So, hang in there! Winter is hard for a lot of people. With the days growing longer, I’m sure you’ll have more energy.

  2. Well, lets start this off right by hopefully supplying a little of the ladder which will help you out of that ditch. You have talent John. I haven’t read a book by you (yet) but followed enough of your blog previously to be entertained by your writing ( even if you didn’t intend it). Self doubt is a painful whip to use on yourself..
    I don’t believe in God either, much preferring to put my faith in people who can achieve extraordinary things, for instance, I’m ambidextrous at nose hair pulling. I can do that 7 days a week and not just Sundays.But I don’t mind people having their own beliefs if it helps- the world not just themselves.
    I don’t know, can’t know what your problems are are how you got in the ditch with growing sides but if it ever helps you to chunner at someone, chunner away.I’m sure you’ll get my email from the message.
    Glad to see you back again.

  3. John, You’ve echoed my sentiments. I too have the same challenges. Life got in the way and like you I have not contributed to either of my two blogs since October last year. At first I did have a good excuse, I moved. In the transition my computers broke and I lost my Internet service but through Divine Intervention (I do believe in God) a friend purchased a laptop for me in January, my Internet connection was restored and I should have been back in business. A few ideas have made it out of my head and into my notebooks, but that’s as far as they went none made it onto either blog. Shame on me. I can’t blame God, only my own laziness and being caught up in work. My job requires lots and lots of overtime which I do since I need the money. However with vacation on the horizon–one week of creative bliss I hope to be back in action. Hopefully either God or my Muse will give me a kick in the butt!! LOL!!

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