Alright I know I’ve written on this a little before but I’m afraid it’s getting me confused and not a little disoriented! Time and how to quantify it – I remember leaving school in 1982 (31 years ago) which sometimes feels like yesterday and other times like a hundred years. Thirty one years before I left school it as 1952 – before Rock’n’Roll before teenagers when the world was black and white and in the UK there was only one channel!

There doesn’t seem to me to be as much as a gap between 2013 back to 1982 than that between 1982 and 1952 or is that just me? There were computers and rock videos and TV and most of the products in the shops would seem very similar if we could go back to 1982 but go back to 1952 and it would seem a very long time ago! In 1982 there were period films and TV programmes about the ’50’s but do we feel the same nostalgia about the 80’s? Well maybe…

Ten years ago should seem like a long time ago but it doesn’t it feels like moments… Ah well… better get back to my ‘Best of 1980’ compilation (and see if I can find that video of Ashes to Ashes (the TV programme not the Bowie thingie…). Now if only I could get a bottle of Space Special!



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3 responses to “Time

  1. Sounds like you’re having a Back to the Future/Twilight Zone moment. Let’s hope Rod Serling doesn’t pop out and send you to the Outer Limits!!

  2. Sorry I had to go there. The Rolling Stones — Time is on My Side

  3. I can’t decide whether the fifties, when I was growing up, were slow because I was a child or because nothing much was happening . Then in the 60’s everything seemed to take off ( Coronation Street in 1960) and time speeded 9 or sped?) up, or was it just that I was getting ready to leave school in 66, leaving school and finding work? Looking back I think there was a huge difference between the two decades. The seventies slowed down a bit again and I can;t remember my life then whereas the eighties brightened and sped up with the New Romantic era. Since then the years have gone much faster but life itself has slowed down giving me time to look around.

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