All Around the World!

Hi all just a quick one today!  I was looking at the stats WordPress supply and noticed that over the last year I’d had hits from all over the world, 30 countries in total!  That is an amazing thought that a few of my simple words can be seen and read anywhere in the world!  There are not an amazing number of people reading my prose just a large spread of relatively few people but none-the-less I’d have struggled massively before the world of the Internet and the blog to get anyone to read my meanderings let alone people as far afield as Malaysia, Canada and Australia!

Anyway as a little experiment if you read this can you just add a short comment to say ‘Hi’ and tell me where you’re from?



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6 responses to “All Around the World!

  1. Hi! I’m from Brooklyn, New York!

  2. Outback Queensland, Australia ❤

  3. I’m from Sunny North Wales.John.

  4. Hi, John. I’m from Portland, Oregon.

  5. I have a highly diversified, international following too, John. It’s pretty cool.

    And I hail from Athens, Georgia, USA

  6. Hi All,
    I’m from West Michigan, USA. Isn’t this great? Love it! I’m an author, posted on amazon and other places. Look me up and drop a line.
    Dorothy May Mercer

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