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Musing on the Funny Bone!

What is funny, what tickles your funny bone and gets you rolling with laughter, makes your sides ache with the pure joy of something funny?  I know it’s different for everybody which is why you will find one thing so side splittingly painfully funny and your friend will give you a look that says, “this person is quite mad and I do not know what in the whole of creation he/she is laughing at!”.

I like a whole range of comedians and programmes but I usually go for the surreal and slightly daft!  I love One Foot in the Grave because it’s absurd, a little slice of suburban reality skewed!

I always get funny looks especially at home when I’m reading and I suddenly start chuckling – I love Bill Bryson and many a time I’ve been sat reading and something has just tickled me so much I burst out laughing!  Of course I do get funny looks if this happens on the bus or train as well but what can I do gag myself?

Apparently there is a difference in the funny bone that’s linked to nationality, so what is rip-roaring mirth to an American is utter drivel to a Brit and obscene to an Aussie.  Well maybe but I think the old ‘missing irony’ thing with Americans is a myth otherwise there’d be no Family Guy or Simpsons.

Those US shows get through to a lot of people on different levels with the top layer of apparent vulgarity appealing to some and the underlying irony and pure mickey taking to others and, like all pioneers before them in any genre, they don’t always get it right.

I have to admit I did try  to like the 80’s ‘Alternative’ comedians but, as revolutionary and barrier breaking as they were I didn’t find much of what comics like Alexi Sayle did funny.  Sometimes it feels like the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ with things like this but I did manage to get it on a simplistic level!  I think!  I do like Rowan Atkinson and some of the Comedy Strip stuff and I love Dawn French (I adore the unforgettable Vicar of Dibley)!

Alexi is quite an influential guy to me but mainly because he’s stuck to his ideals and though he may have mellowed, as many of us do, he doesn’t pander to public opinion.

I don’t suppose you could get much different:  Alexi Sayle and Bill Bryson!  My favourite writers in the comedy genre apart from Bill are Robert Rankin (not Ian), Tom Holt and the wonderful Douglas Adams.  Again although I do get easily pulled towards the sci-fi and fantasy elements it is the weirdness and wit that I like!  Isn’t life a bit like that… well maybe not!

Happy laughing!



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Max Wall – The New Style Guru!

I now have conclusive proof that a star of yesterday, indeed a veritable god of the music hall , is now the guru of fashion for many teenage girls the world over!

It suddenly hit me on a little shopping trip with my lovely wife as she grazed the ladies section of Primark.  I spent the time daydreaming as you do and nodding in all the right places (though it has to be said she nearly bought some quite garish leggings in a not very subtle mix of pink yellow and indigo).

As my mind meandered around various topics that included my next meal, if I’d ever get to mow the grass this year without risking electrocution and the intricate minutiae of world politics I noticed various gangs of young ladies, mobiles/cells clutched to breast, arms linked.  They hunted in packs, orange faces aglow, each with matching ‘bun’ hairstyles (though they did have some variety with blonde, ginger or black colour quite popular) with lower extremities crammed into tight leggings that looked as though they’d had an argument with the feet department.

Some ladies did have quit sensible shoes (delicate sandals etc.)  but others had quite plainly decided to were slightly heavier foot attire (just in case they were trampled by any careless heavy footed fellow shoppers I presume).  And for the life of me I couldn’t at first decide what or who they looked like!

Then it hit me.  Well slightly after my wife anyway – she didn’t appreciate the way my eyes were following the said lady gangs and being unable to read my mind had decided it was a lust thing rather than a puzzle thing!  The slap across my face did the trick and lo and behold the face of Max Wall appeared!

Now dear old Max has not been with us since 1990 – 23 years can you believe it!  So I very much doubt these fashion conscious young people will have heard of the comedian who died aged 82.  Max’s trade mark silly walk and tight leggings made them roll with laughter for many years but how clever of some fashionista, some savvy young designer to see a market for such garb…  now if only I could find another long-lost star to raise to these exalted heights of teenage coolness?  Here are a few suggestions:

Jules Leotard (yes a real person before you scoff)

Sir George Robey

Jimmy Cricket?

Ah well lets see shall we and if  you have any suggestions I would be ever so glad to see.

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