Rejected Again!!

Hello fellow authors, musicians, writers and anyone creative that has ever tried to get their work recognised or seen/heard further than their wife/husband/dog/cat.  Today I had the brown A3 envelope I sent out along with my children’s book several months ago land heavily on my door mat.  It was a little battle worn and had a lovely brown coffee stain artistically dribbled across my address.  It also contained along with my manuscript a standard issue rejection letter which I will add with pride to my growing collection.

How does this event make you feel?  I’m now quite an old hand at this, I’ve not actually sent my work of many times but I now have rejection letters from two record companies and several from agents and publishers stretching out 30 years!  I well remember my first rejections which hit me nearly as bad as the first time I was dumped:  tears drenched my Ramones t-shirt, I howled, I rolled into a ball and rocked my self backwards and forwards.  Now I shrug and carry on.

I know there are those of you out there who have had the joy of acceptance?  One day I hope to join you and all that pent-up happiness of actually getting past this stage and having a certain amount of professional justification and recognition will be released and I’ll cry with tears not of pain but of pure happiness (even though I realise that this is only the first tiny part of actually getting others to read/hear/see you work).

I will keep trying, both with my music and my writing and these days I have the Interweb thingy to help me, even though I only get a select few (hi everybody) to see it or listen at least it’s not left gathering dust in a cupboard.

So in the spirit of adventure onwards!



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2 responses to “Rejected Again!!

  1. jodiwoody

    I had my share of the standard rejection letters! It actually made me give up for years. When I started writing again I decided to self publish. But that is probably not an option for music…just remember Thomas Edison ‘failed’ thousands of times before he finally got a working light bulb. Only he didn’t consider it a failure, he ‘learned what didn’t work’.

  2. I have no idea what you can do with music demos Johnny though I imagine there are as many agents/publishers for those as for books. I do know that like books the competition is fierce. You obviously know what paths can be taken with that from printing your own CD’s and putting then in a few shops to sending them to radio stations, but with books you at least always have the power of the Indie publisher, often with a heap of help from others like you in the various T’interweb groups.
    Don’t consider giving up as it only takes a minute’s worth of luck to turn things around.
    As always, my very best wishes.

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