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I think I just about managed it, I saw most of the major landmarks, the Tower, the Palace, Nelson on his column, a whole bunch of brilliant art from across the centuries in the National Gallery and a pile of rubbish in the Tate Modern (some of it literally) but my feet are now like red slivers of liver!

One of the things I noticed about the capital was the sheer scale of the buildings; I stood in Parliament Square and looked up at the gigantic buildings surrounding me with their finely crafted statues and columns and thought to myself that any one of them would dominate any city centre yet I didn’t know what most of them were!

I also realised that most of the big things are a stones throw away with Trafalgar Square, next to the The Mall which leads to the Queen’s house with several other palaces next door (St James etc.) with the Houses of Parliament over a bit of grass and the London Eye across a bit if water! Amazing. And I didn’t realise either that there are little cafes and shops behind Buck Palace either!

But on the other hand we walked several miles to Kensington through the snobby bits: Belgravia, Chelsea etc. with expensive Ferraris parked on the street side end-to-end and corner shops selling The Times, caviar butties and six packs of Champagne: we didn’t bother calling in.

The ‘City of London’ was amazing with the old (St Pauls, the Monument etc.) surrounded by towering futuristic glass and stone constructions with the streets teeming with office workers clutching smart phones in one hand and sandwiches in the other (probably not caviar). And I have never seen so many sushi shops – not something I’m really into being a veggie but the smells were fascinating!

My favourite part? Seeing my boys have a brilliant time but also I loved walking around the National Gallery by myself without anyone complaining that it was all ‘so boring’; I enjoyed looking at the paintings and though I am knowhere near the skill level of any of them it was satisfying seeing the actual brush strokes close up! It looked to me as though sometimes they too went ‘off track’ and made mistakes, I could see where they’d done a bit and had to correct it; well after all they were only human!


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My Son


So coy and loveable
With dry wit and joy
Growing tall
My teenage boy

Soon a man he’ll be
And move away from me
But always in my heart he’ll live
My son my eternal gift


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Summer Poppies

Summer Poppies by John D Rhodes

Summer Poppies by John D Rhodes

I decided to get my brushes out, not done one for a while and not tried acrylics before… four hours later I’d managed this which I’m quite happy with.


August 4, 2013 · 12:20 pm

Butterfly Memories – A Short Poem

For a time it settles

A beautiful fully formed thing

A mystery a gift

For a moment it fills the air

With Gentle but vibrant colour

A life, natures kiss

Then it is gone

And all around seems bare empty

But remember the joy

Of a simple thing a miracle

Blow away

The melancholy mist

Let it always live

In a special corner

Where corn fields grow

A treasured thing to keep

And never more to miss


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