Open Plan

My current role has me sat in a crumbling prefab building with archaic air conditioning recycling the germs of the incumbents.  It’s not too bad and in many ways far better than being sat in the car park, though I could do without some of the witty banter that floats around unceasingly from the bitter lips of some seasoned contractors.

There is an ever constant negativity, a barating of unseen colleagues with a twisting sarcastic flavoured barb and a wry chuckle.  Many days I think I’m Bill Murray locked in the same day…

I just caught myself there; in lambasting these poor overpaid people I fell into the same trap, about to throw myself head long into a torrent of clever put-downs.  In many ways is the only thing that separates me from them my lack of verbal dexterity?

On reflection I much prefer my own space though let me add I do have some good company in the office so it is not all bad.  Amidst the cacophony there is a small island of sanity, but the tide is coming in fast.


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