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Here seen in my natural environment - Monkey World

The Author

Thank you for visiting my pages here. I’m a writer currently publishing via Amazon, my first novel – Mr Memory – is available to purchase now and I have two further books to be published this year, ‘Humphrey Pickleton And The Secret’ a childrens’ story and ‘The Bad Wife’ – a murder mystery come humorous fantasy fiction novel.

I’ve been writing for nearly 30 years but only now, thanks to modern technology and Amazon, have I been able to bring some of my work to you. I’ve written well over 40 short stories and 4 full length novels.

My work tends to live in that part of the universe where things are very similar to our reality, but with a tinge of the strange, an off kilter reflection, a mix of sour and sweet. This is not science fiction or horror but a fantasy fiction where things are not quite what they seem, animals can talk and sometimes the hero is not and the villain is, and just maybe there is a happy ending for some of the characters.

My favourite authors reflect my tastes and so on my book shelves you’ll find Tom Holt, Robert Rankin, Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett fighting for shelf space with Bill Bryson. And yes you’ll also find a good splattering of Sci Fi – Asimov et al.

You will also find quite a few biographies of mainly musical heros of mine but the odd Norman Wisdom tome rubbing shoulders with Neil Young.

Most of the children’s books live in my boys’ rooms but you’ll find Harry Potter and lots of Roald Dahl! I’m also partial to lots of Charlie Bone (the wonderful Jennie Nemmo) and lots of traditional stuff too.

As well as writing I’m a song writer and play guitar and bass.

Ambition wise I’d love to give up the day job but for now I’m happy just to get my work out there.

There are quite a few pages where you can view more information including reviews of my work, buy my books etc:

My Amazon page to buy Mr Memory

My Author Page at Amazon


10 responses to “All About Me

  1. Hi John,
    Just to say hello and well done. It certainly takes some effort doesn’t it to get books out there? Thankfully we have modern technology.
    The site is nice and easy to navigate. Very professional.
    I wish you continued good luck and hope to see you at a major book awards event in the future collecting your prize!

  2. You say: “Ambition wise I’d love to give up the day job but for now I’m happy just to get my work out there.”
    That makes two of us! 🙂 And we can do it! 😀

  3. thevanbrown

    A man who writes, thinks, works, enjoys family pets, and still has time to play guitar cannot be all bad. Best to you

  4. Thank you for subscribing to my blog, Like you I have finally found a way to share my writing, although I haven’t posted any of my shorts or my novel yet. I have been working on a children’s fantasy novel for a long time, and it’s finally almost completed. I look forward to reading your material.

    • Hi Cindi thanks for the reciprocation – I have a children’s book ready to go too – good luck with yours and enjoy reading mine (and I look forward to seeing your short stories on your blog too!)

  5. maryamchahine

    I wish you the best of success in your e-book publishing venture. I’m researching Amazon and e-book publishing myself to see how I can publish my book of poems in the future and a novel that I’m currently working on.

    You nicely seem to have varied reading tastes. I love Roald Dahl too and other books for children. Sometimes they are even better stories than those for adults 😉

    Thanks for subscribing to my blog. Will be checking back on your blog in the future.


  6. Hey John,

    Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I’m a writer too and I know how difficult it can be to have our work published. So good luck in everything you do 🙂

    See you

  7. Krishna panikker

    Hi ! John my name is Krishna Panikker and I am from Malaysia. Well done John. It must have been really hard work to produce this good work. I love childrens book too and I have not given up my Enid Blyton books until now. I use to live in the childrens fantasy when I was small. I do write to the childrens corner in the newspaper and it gives me much joy seeing my stories in print. I am looking forward to reading your materials. Good luck and take care John

  8. Hi John,

    You have an interesting blog to accompany your other writing. To be honest, I need to come back and have a good look around. I’ve been out taking photos and walked way too far, so I’m tired and have my blog for tomorrow to write. It is hard self publishing novels; people tell me to publish my novel like that but I prefer blogging now, at least people read my work! Perhaps when I’m better known they will want to read my novel? 🙂

  9. lucyblack418

    Thank you for your tweet! It made a dark day a little brighter. It looks like we are both climbing the mountain that is Amazon Publishing. I too think the layout of your blog is very attractive and professional. Good luck with Mr. Memory!
    Love, Lucy

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