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Butterfly Memories – A Short Poem

For a time it settles

A beautiful fully formed thing

A mystery a gift

For a moment it fills the air

With Gentle but vibrant colour

A life, natures kiss

Then it is gone

And all around seems bare empty

But remember the joy

Of a simple thing a miracle

Blow away

The melancholy mist

Let it always live

In a special corner

Where corn fields grow

A treasured thing to keep

And never more to miss



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Musing on the Funny Bone!

What is funny, what tickles your funny bone and gets you rolling with laughter, makes your sides ache with the pure joy of something funny?  I know it’s different for everybody which is why you will find one thing so side splittingly painfully funny and your friend will give you a look that says, “this person is quite mad and I do not know what in the whole of creation he/she is laughing at!”.

I like a whole range of comedians and programmes but I usually go for the surreal and slightly daft!  I love One Foot in the Grave because it’s absurd, a little slice of suburban reality skewed!

I always get funny looks especially at home when I’m reading and I suddenly start chuckling – I love Bill Bryson and many a time I’ve been sat reading and something has just tickled me so much I burst out laughing!  Of course I do get funny looks if this happens on the bus or train as well but what can I do gag myself?

Apparently there is a difference in the funny bone that’s linked to nationality, so what is rip-roaring mirth to an American is utter drivel to a Brit and obscene to an Aussie.  Well maybe but I think the old ‘missing irony’ thing with Americans is a myth otherwise there’d be no Family Guy or Simpsons.

Those US shows get through to a lot of people on different levels with the top layer of apparent vulgarity appealing to some and the underlying irony and pure mickey taking to others and, like all pioneers before them in any genre, they don’t always get it right.

I have to admit I did try  to like the 80’s ‘Alternative’ comedians but, as revolutionary and barrier breaking as they were I didn’t find much of what comics like Alexi Sayle did funny.  Sometimes it feels like the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ with things like this but I did manage to get it on a simplistic level!  I think!  I do like Rowan Atkinson and some of the Comedy Strip stuff and I love Dawn French (I adore the unforgettable Vicar of Dibley)!

Alexi is quite an influential guy to me but mainly because he’s stuck to his ideals and though he may have mellowed, as many of us do, he doesn’t pander to public opinion.

I don’t suppose you could get much different:  Alexi Sayle and Bill Bryson!  My favourite writers in the comedy genre apart from Bill are Robert Rankin (not Ian), Tom Holt and the wonderful Douglas Adams.  Again although I do get easily pulled towards the sci-fi and fantasy elements it is the weirdness and wit that I like!  Isn’t life a bit like that… well maybe not!

Happy laughing!


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Living in the Future?

I have a dilemma.  I’m soaked in a society where the old mixes with  the new in a way seemingly unimagined by Sci Fi filmmaker of the past or indeed the general public.

It must be very hard to produce a film based in a future of say about 40 to 60 years from the present.  Just look at Bladerunner – an excellent gritty looking adventure set in Los Angeles in 2019, 6 years from now!  The film was made in 1982 (the year I left school so quite a long time ago) but I’m sure the venerable city doesn’t look too much different to how it did 30 years ago (though I’m sure if any of you are more familiar with the place you’ll tell me if I’m wrong?).

Even books can get it wrong (I’m thinking 1984 here though of course there is no Sci Fi wizardry in this classic book and looking at it from the 1940’s quite possible to imagine such a dystopian future).  None the less anything set in a future within our lifetimes does seem to replace everything rather than embellish it with the potential new.

I have noticed a tendency nowadays to set things in the ‘near’ future which can be a little bit of a copout.  It means they can use current land and city scapes, dress the characters up pretty much as they are now and even use the same vehicles.

I think the job is made harder by some of the things that set time periods apart in the past being less important now.   Hair styles for instance.  There is a clear distinction between the hair styles of 1964 and 1974 and again from 1974 to 1984 but I would argue that in general our general everyday hair styles are now pretty much the same as they were back in 1984 (and I’m not counting the trendy styles seen in film and on TV).  Ok there were a few differences but not as many.  The same with clothes: again look at the mid-60’s to the mid-70’s and then jump to the 90’s.  Yes it’s still possible to look at a TV programme or film from the early 90’s and see the style differences but they are less subtle.  I have worn jeans, t-shirts and trainers for a long time (not the same ones obviously and I do wash them occasionally ) but in general, the same style.  Watch something from ten years ago and you’ll not see much difference stylistically.

At this point I just have to talk about ties.  Just what are they all about?  Men have been wearing basically the same bit of cloth around their necks for a hundred or more years – but why?  What use do they have?  In the sixties the futuristic programmes showed a distinct lack of ties in the future, a future we are now in (think Space 1999 etc.) yet we still wear the things.  Of course they do have some uses: they are excellent devices for soaking up coffee or soup (and as long as they don’t dry out too fast you can refresh yourself later) but otherwise quite dangerous (always make sure you don’t dangle it in a shredder at least if you’re wearing a white shirt – red ones are much better in these situations).

The biggest difference that sets the decades apart is in the technology.  Mobiles/cell phones are getting bigger (which seem a bit of an anomaly really given how we laugh at the bricks from the ’90’s) and TV’s are now flat, thin large screened and can show programmes in HD and 3D (though for some reason you can still see Bruce Forsyth..).

There’s probably a lot more examples (and please feel free to mention them here) but the point is that where in the past the changes were big (black and white TV to Colour, short hair to long etc.) now they are small and subtle.

And so our future will look pretty much the same with similar if not the same buildings, populated by similarly dressed people but if you look closely…



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With a voice like ice on fire, melted to the virtual skin of a blood soaked threat
With a wit to sear the tone of deliverance and chill the bones of men
With a pain that breaks the heart and fills my eyes with tears
With a love that never wants  what you just can’t have

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Philosophical Musing – A Fictional Piece

Very few people get out of this life without some damage, some chip of mental debris or something far bigger but hidden inside the skull.  Don’t believe a word don’t fall prey to the lies of those who tell you they have the rosiest of lives.  They of course may not know themselves so it’s not malicious or out of fear.  But deep inside their psychic shell will be a crack, a fissure that leaks pain and seeps life like a sinking boat.

Can it really be so long ago when the dreams came and wrecked my sleep, when the life within flooded my head with nightmares.  Screaming banshee and red lightning sheets of bloody storms, rain that fell in torrents and hammered on the metal roof like a millions falling nails.  A wind that thrashed the trees for telling the truth and tore the branches from the very wood that gave shelter in sunnier times.

Green grow the leaves in springtime when life is fresh and raw but nothing can save the foliage from the ravishing rage of nature flexing a power that defies all to stand and hold a palm forward and yell for it to stop!  In my dreams I tried like a fool and I suffered for it.


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Raw Power (a poem of sorts)

Something tells me when it’s time

To twist the sense and toe the line

When the clock strikes twelve all hell breaks loose

And dare the one who has to choose

From wilting weed to stormy weather

The man who tames the winter heather

Do you hate to feel the pull

Of every vicious loaded gun

Do you love to know the pain

When thrashing through the icy rain

There once was a man who fell and cried

There once was a man who almost died

Is life so hard to understand

When death and love go hand in hand

Raw is the love that settles the heart

That stings the man who cannot part

From every mother’s lover’s son

I only wish that I was that one

That won the love and every single eternal hour

Could feel the precious thrill of your raw power!


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