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I’m Back!

You know what it’s like, you take some time away from the things you promised yourself you’d keep up: takinng regular exercise, keeping away from really big bars of chocolate (especially the plain ones – my very vvery very favourite along with Flakes and KitKats…) and writing a regular blog!  I meant to take a week or two away from this to concentrate on my music (I’m still busy getting my pinkies hard enough to press those darned strings down without it hurting).

So here I am and I will try to keep this up!  I do have motivational drainage at the moment.  It’s probably due to the fact that winter is closer, the middle of the year is now gone and the weather here in the good old UK has barely manged a few farays into true summertime (while I hear of searing sun-dried friends from other parts of the world).  I dread that time again when I have to get my deicer out (I’ve only just put it away).

Anyway the songs I’m practicing are eclectic to say the least: a splash of VU, a dash of the Stones, a bit of Box Tops, a smattering of Patti Smith and a little bit of me!  Now I need to get my confidence up and go live!

Right time to go gardening, then a nice bike ride, then a practice on my guitar… I will return soon… I promise!



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