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Human Nature

And today’s lesson is the psychology of human personalities and their interactions with others.  I will try my best to make the lesson as easy to understand as possible with as little conjecture as possible but a whole bucket load of observational twaddle!

I think I’m far too sensitive.  I weep when I look at old photos (usually of my children when they were younger) thinking how I can never go back to those times (alas I don’t own a time machine and though my favourite stories seem to be time travel based I know that the practical me understands that it can’t, as yet, be achieved).

I thrive on positive responses to things I do and feel it like a knife through my soul when something I’ve done is belittled.  I’m not averse to criticism when presented in the right way, I recognise that, like 100% of the human population, I’m not perfect and I have my strong points and my weaknesses.  I know I need to work on those weaknesses but that I may never be as stong as others are be in those areas – but at least I’ll try.  Thank you to all of you who help me in this respect.

But some people revel in the mistakes of others and, working from a presumed point of superior knowledge or skill are eager to highlight others inconsistencies.   Psychologically speaking this is something not to get angry about, or consider finding the nearest bridge from which to bungee jump without a bungee (it’s the same kind of thrill going down but there is no bouncing back again and a large potential for death or at least a sever soaking).  There is usually a root cause for people to feel the need to look upon others work and try to destroy the person rather than critique and offer advice on the actual text, or picture or film (or whatever somebody has poured their heart into).  That root is usually a deep rooted insecurity.

And so I have decided to use any bomb lobbed in my direction, look at it closely, pull it apart to see how it works and send it back with a word of thanks (after carefully disarming it of course, I’m not a malicious person and I wouldn’t want the sender to get an arm or leg blown off).

The world is full of many and disparate characters and, as the old saying goes, you can’t please all of the people all of the time.  I’m happy that I’m a moderately competent writer, an ok songwriter and can play the guitar enough to write and perform my music.  I think I’m quite good with people and teaching, a good father and a fairly good human being – I’m working hard at all of these and hopefully, by the time I reach what ever age life decides is it for me (be that 48 or 148), I will improve a little in all of these.



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I Just Can’t Believe It!

Hi All.  I can’t believe that the winter is nearing it’s end and the temperatures are gradually, painfully rising!  I did have to scrape some ice off my car the other morning and bring my gloves out of hiberntation but I’m sure there won’t be many mornings like that, not at least until next October!


Can you believe, I can’t, that they (the media) already talking about hose pipe bans and droughts because there just hasn’t been enough rain!

I just can’t believe it!  I wrote to the tax office and they won’t make me do a self assessment until I start to get over £100 in royalties – so far I have about £2.00 so I guess it could be a while until I reach that dizzying figure!

I just can’t believe it!  I have less than a week until the Grand Prix season when my favourite F1 cars get to race and I’ll be watching on the good old BBC – I can’t afford to pay extra for my TV pleasures, so no Sky F1 channel, not until I start to get more royalties or I start to get a pay rise (I work for the NHS so my cost of living is frozen).

I can’t believe it!  Have a good week!


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Work in Progress

Hi All

Just thought I’d pop in and let you know a little more about my current project.  I’m writing/editing a story about a young chap named Humphrey Pickleton, this is just a snippet:

Ravenbeast he knew had powerful magic, spells and incantations that kept his true origins from him; the fog was the manifestation of that and other than a powerful sense of loss he felt an almost inbuilt need, a kernel of something important he had to do, a question that hung somewhere in the recesses of his brain, like a prisoner locked behind a glass door, shouting and screaming but to all intents mute.

The house had been in near darkness that late Autumn night while outside a hurricane had thrashed the night sky with rain stinging the skin and the creeping chill freezing his bones. Shadows danced in half open doorways as he was led with a tightly griped hand up through the labyrinth of stairs and passageways…

Yes there is magic and mystery and some mystical creatures but I’m honing it bit by bit.  I’ll post some more snippets soon.


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